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Ever since re-launching my new website back in March the Posed + Lifestyle Newborn Package has very quickly become a client favorite. After all, I know it’s hard to resist those sleepy solo baby shots, but mom and dad play such a big role in that sleepy newborns life (obviously!) that it’s so great to be able to capture some of the every day moments together as well.

Austin Newborn Photographer_0468Austin Newborn Photographer_0469Austin Newborn Photographer_0470Austin Newborn Photographer_0471Austin Newborn Photographer_0472Austin Newborn Photographer_0473Austin Newborn Photographer_0474Austin Newborn Photographer_0475Austin Newborn Photographer_0476

Austin Newborn Photographer_0477Can’t believe we were actually able to make it happen, but we got the cooperation of all three of their fur babies as well!Austin Newborn Photographer_0478

Austin Newborn Photographer_0479And honestly…who can resist a newborn yawn? Obviously not me!Austin Newborn Photographer_0480

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