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I can’t even tell you how excited was when mama told me she wanted to do a Fresh 48 Session this time around. And, by this time around I mean I have had more photo-shoots with this family since oldest bro was born than I can count. I absolutely adore them and being welcomed into their hospital room with big smiles and excited faces was such a big honor for me.

Fresh 48 Sessions are not for everyone, and I totally get that. But, man, the results especially when siblings are involved are so truly rewarding! It’s a time when “I’m not going to look great, I don’t want to be in photos” needs to get thrown out the window because your children absolutely will not care (and frankly, neither will you) in 20 years because you will just love that you have them in the first place. Which, this stunning mama just so happened to tell me at her newborn session that very same thing I summarized above, so it must be true. 😉

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