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Launched [LIFE] SESSIONS almost three months ago, and this is the fourth one I’ve had the pleasure of photographing.

Each family has chosen a part of their every day for me to document, making each session and scenario totally different and unique to the individual family. “I am so so happy to have the video to look back on. The images are also wonderful! I can find myself being critical of how I don’t love the way I look or my house isn’t perfect but that’s not what these images are about – they are honest and authentic and I love that.” – mama

I spent the morning baking, playing outside, doing yoga and having band practice with mama and her toddler, and it was SO fun to watch the interactions as they went about their every day.

I got brought back so many times to mornings with my son, where we just play and everything is right in the world. And in that moment how I want him to somehow be able to remember the joy he brings to me. Now, mama has this for her sweet girl for them to look back on together for years to come.

“These images are honest and authentic – and beautiful. I think they really capture motherhood for me, in the season that we are in: disheveled, a bit chaotic but full of light and love.  I already enjoy looking at them and I know that they will only become more and more valuable to me as we get older.” – mama

If you are interested in learning more about how we can create these memories for your family you can find more information HERE. You may also CONTACT ME directly. I’d love to hear from you!

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