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I think we were only a few minutes into this session before I said “you guys are perfect, you are doing the exact perfect thing for a Lifestyle Session!”

They were such natural parents to their beautiful girl, and watching them interact was so perfect. Baby J was a total doll as well, and had my heart from the beginning with those sweet eyes and pouty lips! I consider newborns my specialty, and this is why. Every little detail, moment and family is so, SO important to me and I’m all in on making your session as stress free and unique as possible.

If you are expecting before the end of 2019, now is the time to get penciled in on my calendar! I have just a few spots left for September and October (super popular baby months thanks to Christmas + New Years ;)) so don’t wait if you don’t have to. Reach out to me, I’d love to meet your family!

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