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I had the most beautiful morning photographing this family. From the moment I walked into their home everything felt calm, welcoming and totally inspirational. Being a mother myself, every time I walk into a newborn session I am brought back to the early days of having a baby in the house. My son is 3 1/2 now so it’s been awhile, but there are just certain things you never forget. The baby smell, the calm, the storm, the in-between. The way their hair is soft and their wrists roll. So much good. It’s hard in the moment to appreciate it, but as those things fade knowing you have photo proof of that tininess is irreplaceable.

Mama owns The Mama Mantra and I loved hearing about her pregnancy, birth and talking about babies in general. She is a wealth of knowledge and I encourage you to check her out if you are seeking help or just knowledge with breastfeeding. She’s wonderful!

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