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Well, it’s official. LIFE Sessions are absolutely amazing, fun, and everything every family who has done a “regular” family session before needs! For those with younger kids (or who have had them) you know how quickly they change, and how the little moments and routines can often go without enough appreciation until after that time in life has passed. These sessions are the perfect way to remember the details in a no fuss, no pressure kind of way.

I’ve known this family since the girls were just little newborns, and just like mentioned above, they are growing up so fast! Mama wanted to remember their nightly routine along with just where they are at in life in general. She is a health coach who caters specifically to mamas needing to get their energy and health back in gear. So, naturally she prepared a delicious meal for them to share and from there we enjoyed the beautiful sunshine! A bubble bath, books and bed followed – and if you are parent you know bedtime is the most bittersweet time of day. I’ve had so many requests to document this part of day for families, so it goes to show just how special it is. From mama – “LOVE! Had tears in my eyes at the end thinking how lucky we are to have these precious moments, sweet little voices, favorite stories, their towels… those little bottoms… even M’s purse hanging on the rocking horse. All the little details that we may or may not remember years from now, documented so beautifully. THANK YOU! So so good.”  I can’t help but admit that these words brought tears to my eyes too. Her words so perfectly explain my “why” for offering these sessions!

If you need to update your family photos, but are looking for something a bit different, please contact me for a [LIFE] Session. You will 100% fall in love with seeing your family simply enjoying their every day.



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