lover of light

with a passion

for people


"I specialize in babies, bellies and families because that’s where it’s at for me!"

Hi, I’m Alissa Cordoba, owner of Little Dreamers Photography.

I really, really love what I do. My hope is that from your very first interaction with me you feel comfortable, confident that you will be taken care of, and at the end looking forward to our next photo-shoot together.


I love to document families in their element - whether that be at home or exploring their favorite nature spot. We will sing, laugh, cuddle, play games, and do whatever it is your family loves in order to create beautiful, emotion-filled images of your family that you will cherish for years.


I get my inspiration from your cuddly, squishy, fresh newborn and the laughs of families rippling through the air. I can 100% say I will enjoy every single minute spent with your family, regardless of a crying newborn or strong-willed toddler. (I have a ton of experience with both.;))


I'm in it with you and am committed to capturing your family authentically. Word on the street is that I "have the patience of a saint" and am "a baby whisperer".

Why Work With Me?


9+Years experience

I have photographed over 1,000 Austin families since I established my business in 2012. I have plenty of experience in baby soothing and toddler cooperation techniques both professionally, and personally.


I'm obsessed

I'm absolutely obsessed with my job. And, not just the fun, photographing part. I love the back-end business side as well (even if that's 80% of what takes up my time!)

I'm extremely committed to providing a stellar client experience from beginning to end.


we're family

Your family is my family, and I take care of you. I mean it. A HUGE portion of my client base is made up of repeat families, and, I think that speaks for itself.
I want you to LOVE your images, and I want to watch your kiddos grow up from behind my camera.

Get to know me

  • I'm a mom to two boys, 5 & 1. You can usually find us on a nature walk, playing in our backyard or snuggling up to a good movie.
  • My husband, 2 sons & myself are all left handed. My husband and I also both have a left handed sibling.
  • I had long, dark, curly hair until I moved to Austin. When the heat got to me I chopped it into a pixie and went platinum blonde.
  • My personal style is Scandinavian/modern, and white and grey are definitely considered legitimate colors in my book.
  • I'm a listener more than a talker, and my second career choice would be a therapist.
  • I like things to be easy and don't love to second guess what the next step is, so I try to carry that into my business model as well.
  • Find out more with my Voyage Austin interview!
True or False ?I grew up in the midwest.I was born in South Dakota, attended University in Minnesota for Business Administration, and as soon as I completed my degree I hightailed it to warmer weather.TrueFalse
True or False ?I've loved photography for over 20 yearsI've been interested in photography since a very young age! My first love was macro (close up) photography, and I even took some of my friends Senior photos. TrueFalse