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Give me all of the Lifestyle Newborn Sessions with an “older” baby. All of them.

H was one month old at the time of our session, and I absolutely adore all of the eye contact he was able to give his parents (and me!) and the precious interactive shots we got. I love each and every one of his different expressions and the way the parents were so natural interacting and cuddling with him. They are truly in their element as a family of three and it was such a beautiful thing to watch.

Everything about this felt cozy, warm, natural and perfect in each and every way. I feel so fortunate to take a peek into the life of a family so early on in their parenthood journey. It’s a time that goes by all too fast, but is so important to remember as it is.

F family, thank you so much for inviting me into your home for a truly wonderful morning!


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