I’m Open! With extra precautions of course…

What a whirlwind 2020 has been.

Sessions will look a bit different moving forward, but we can still make beautiful photo magic together. 
I have put the following practices in place, which makes me feed confident I can safely conduct business, and your family can still document this time. 

I realize things look a little bit different for everyone right now, so please reach out with any questions or concerns. I'm happy to be as flexible as possible so we can do what feels right for your family.


Family Sessions

Outdoor family sessions have officially resumed. May and June are two of my favorite months to shoot as everything starts to green up and the sunsets are beautiful!


Newborn Sessions

Currently, I am still booking newborn sessions through the rest of the year, with obvious extra precautions in place, as outlined. 

The newborn age range is huge! I consider newborns, newborns until about 10 weeks of age. I personally love the connection and facial expressions older babies give! You can view an "older baby" session, along with some other thoughts here. You can contact me here to get set up!

If you need something to look forward to…

I have decided to open up my calendar for the rest of the year, which I anticipate will get very full quickly since I do have a backlog from the spring months.

Gift certificates are also available to purchase for future sessions. This will give you scheduling priority, and also give both of us something to look forward to, and I'd be so grateful for your support. 

much love,

from my family to yours. Thank you to everyone who has been so incredibly flexible and understanding as we all navigate this together. If you are someone on the front lines, know how appreciated you are. If you are at home, fending off kids asking for snacks while you try to get an ounce of work done, know you are doing an amazing job. Crossing my fingers and sending all of the good juju into the universe everyone can stay safe, and I nope to see you soon.
- alissa