Maternity FAQ’s

When should I schedule my Maternity Session?
Between 32-36 weeks is the ideal timeframe for most women. This puts us in the “nice, round belly” window of opportunity, while making sure we don’t get too close to your actual due date, just in case of surprises.

Where will the Session take place?
Maternity Sessions can either be done in-home or on-location, depending on your preferences and vision. There are several outdoor locations I love to work at, or we can collaborate together to come up with the perfect spot for your needs.
In-home works great for an intimate type of session with more revealing belly shots. Take a look through my maternity portfolio and see what catches your eye.

Can I include my partner or other children?
Certainly! You are welcome to include immediate family members, but although other loved ones can be incorporated into your Session, I still strive to capture a fair amount of images of just you alone.

What about hair and makeup?
I recommend having hair and makeup professionally done ahead of time to ease stress and allow you to feel your best, and to have at least an hour of time in between the time you finish, and the start of our session to further relax and get mentally prepared to shine.
If you’d rather do it yourself, that’s totally okay too! If you plan to do this, simply apply your makeup as you normally would, but try to work towards a little extra coverage with foundation, blush/bronzer and mascara, as the camera can tend to wash some of your features out a little. Makeup translates a little softer on camera, which is why I recommend seeking a professional who is well-versed in what your intent is for your look so they can plan accordingly.

What do I wear?
Dress to show off that bump! Form-fitting clothing, dresses with belts to create separation between your bust and your belly, leggings paired with long tees, and flowy maxi-dresses in not-too-busy patterns all look great.
Try to keep your wardrobe seasonal, and to avoid distracting colors and prints.

I have a great board on Pinterest dedicated to this very question, so take a minute to give it a peek!



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