Child and Family FAQ’s

When should I book my Session?
Right meow!  Seriously, if you are considering booking, contact me to see if we are good fit. I only accept a limited number of sessions per month to make sure I have wiggle room in case one of my sweet newborn clients arrives a bit early (or is fashionably late!).
Family Sessions are schedule between Tuesday-Saturday, with timeslots at sunrise (8:00 AM) or sunset (depends on the time of year).
As you can imagine, Saturday dates go quickly, especially for spring and fall, and I strongly recommend booking 2-3 months in advance for those preferred slots.
Even if you’re not ready to hash out all the fine details that far in advance, it’s cool – we can always discuss styling in greater depth as the date approaches, but let’s at least get you on the calendar!

Where will my Session take place?
I am primarily an on-location natural light photographer, which means I come to you!
For Child Sessions under 1 year of age I always recommend scheduling an in-home lifestyle session. Babies are happiest where they are most comfortable and minimally distracted, which usually happens inside their own homes. I adore using the nursery, master bed, and play areas to capture what your child enjoys doing most.
For Family or older Child Sessions, we can choose in-home or on-location. There are several locations I like to work at, and can suggest a good fit for your family based on the preferences you share with me.
The most important element for each location is the light!  I will be using the light to enhance your photos way more than capturing what’s in the background, so don’t worry so much about choosing somewhere scenic – my focus is on capturing you and your family interactions, and not as much that old-fashioned building on main street.

How long will my Session last?
Family Sessions typically last just a little over an hour. I like to keep kiddos at their best, and we all know how long (i.e. short) their attention spans are!

What happens if it rains?
We live in Austin, which means the weather can be insanely unpredictable. That being said – if it is raining we will definitely reschedule, and I will be in contact with you via phone to discuss our options.  I do my best to wait until the day of our session to make that judgement call though, unless the chances of rain are super duper high, but if it’s looking iffy, rest assured that I’ll be in touch to ease your worries, or you can call me yourself as well.

How can I make sure my Session goes amazingly?
First off, I recommend being realistic about your child’s temperament when choosing your timeslot. Many babies are happiest in the morning, and while 8:00 AM sounds mighty early when you have to get up and get everyone ready, it most often is the best choice for securing those happy baby photos.

Some kiddos do love to sleep in, though, so if your little one belongs to that camp of personalities (I feel them!), perhaps the later slot is a better choice instead.
As you inquire for your Session, let me know your child’s schedule so I can help decide on the best time for your needs.
I love, love, LOVE working with children in a natural sense, and to me, I’d prefer if the word “cheese” was never said.


We don’t need those hokey box studio portraits hanging on your wall, right?
For family photos, I strive to capture authentic interactions between parents and their littles.
For individual child shots, most of the time I will ask you to let me work with the child, one-on-one, to achieve a relaxed, genuinely gleeful expression.
I don’t want their “cheese” face – I want their, “that funny little lady with a camera is playing tag with me/I’m having a blast singing silly songs/peek-a-boo is my favorite game” face.  Those are the photos that will continually bring a smile to your own face time and time again.

What should we wear?
Upon booking, I will provide you with clothing suggestions, but you can also scope out my recommendations and ideas here.

I prefer my clients to be wearing coordinating outfits, rather than all-out matching from head to toe, so do me a gigantic favor and skip the identical white button-up shirt + jeans combo, and instead, choose layers, textures, accessories, and corresponding colors that showcase your family’s uniquely stylish personalities instead.

Will you photograph my family gathering/reunion/anniversary/party/etc?
At this time I do not offer those services to the general public, but should that change, you can be sure to get that announcement on my blog!

Take look through my family and child portfolio to see if we’re a good fit!

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