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The last few months have been totally filled with the sweetest babies and their families. I was so happy to meet this beautiful family and photograph them as they welcome their new baby girl. I loved photographing their Posed + Lifestyle newborn session. This family is a Baby’s First Year client, and I can’t wait to see them again at 6 months!

There is still one newborn slot left for October and just a few for November and December and I’m currently taking due dates into spring. It’s never too early to get on the calendar to ensure availability.

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The morning I spent with this beautiful family shooting their Lifestyle Newborn Session was so great! Little M was pretty alert, which got us some ultra cute wide awake photos, and then he went to sleep just in time for us to catch some sleepy images as well. Big sis wasn’t too sure at first, but pretty quickly she warmed up and happily cuddled with mom and dad.

They all had such great energy, and were willing to go with the flow of the session and accommodate with patience both big sis and baby. This is HUGE when it comes to a successful session. Both toddlers and babies are unpredictable (as you may very well already know).

If you are interested in a newborn session you can find information on the three types I offer here.
There are still a few slots left for Fall 2017 and I’m booking into Winter 2018. As always, you can reach me for any and all questions at alissa@littledreamersphotography.com or by filling out my contact form.


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What a beautiful evening I had working with this adorable family of three! We were marking E’s 2nd birthday with a sun, laughter and snuggle filled photo session. It took her a little bit to warm up, but I love all of the genuine expressions we were able to capture. Mom and dad were so great at going with the flow of the session, and giving all of the cuddles. I mean, how could you not want to squeeze that sweet face?!

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