Baby’s 1st Year FAQ’s

When will I receive the images from each Session?
Each Session’s gallery will be delivered via flash drive within 3 weeks after the Session originally takes place.  Please refer to our contract for any questions regarding when exactly that promise date may be.

Will each Session have its own separate flash drive?
Of course!

Can I purchase prints & products right after each Session, or do I need to wait until after the final Session has been completed?
You can purchase anything you want after each Session is complete – and don’t forget that you have a 10% discount if you place your order in that 30-day online gallery window!  Simply order on your own time using the online gallery link I will be emailing out to you, or else feel free to contact me directly if you need a little extra help. Online galleries are open for 30 calendar days after your Session has been delivered. If you need a longer time to make those tough decisions, let me know and I will extend your gallery opening an additional 10 days. If your gallery has already expired, I would be happy to reopen it once the reactivation fee of $25 has been paid in full. Your gallery will then be available for another 30 calendar days.

When do you recommend that each of my Sessions take place?
The package you have purchased includes:

 •a Newborn Session (completed within the first 14 days)
•a 6-Month Session (it’s helpful if they can sit up a little bit for this one)
•a 1-Year Session (taken up to 4 weeks before or after their 1st birthday)

Can I substitute one Session for another? (i.e. a 6-Month for a 9-Month Session?)
I have specifically designed this package to capture your baby’s major milestones: being born, sitting/holding their head up/enjoying still maneuvering on their belly, and of course, their very first birthday. Because of the intended story I will be telling with your photos, I do not allow for substitutions.

Can I have my baby’s 1st Birthday Session kinda early, or a little bit late?
You can schedule your baby’s 1st Birthday Session up to 4 weeks before their birthday, or up to 4 weeks after. Since many clients may want to use those images for birthday invitations, party decorations, or gifts for grandparents and other family members, scheduling up to 4 weeks prior allows time to receive the edited images in time to order prints and other products.

How many photos does the album include?
The album I have chosen for this package includes 10 full “spreads” that spans across 20 individual pages. This allows for about 3 spreads per Session type. I suggest selecting your favorite 10 images from each Session to place inside the album, but if you simply cannot decide and would like to purchase additional album spreads to accommodate more photos, I will be happy to draft you a quote for that upgrade.

How does the album get designed? Can’t I design it myself?
One of the biggest benefits to hiring me as your photographer is the wide array of conveniently integrated professional services that I am able to offer you, such as taking care of the album design for your Baby’s First Year.  Your time with your family is important – soak up every moment before your little one suddenly has another birthday!

Included in your Baby’s First Year Package is my Personalized Album Design Service, which comes with one complimentary opportunity for you to make adjustments to my initial design before I send it off to the album company.  After that, you are still welcome to make as many adjustments as you would like for a small redesign fee.

My goal is to get this album created and delivered to you as quickly as possible so you can enjoy those photos!  Most clients are relieved to not have to make those tough design decisions, and rarely make changes to my initial proof, which is why I have streamlined the process to reflect that policy.