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Hi, I’m Alissa, owner of Little Dreamers Photography. I was born in South Dakota, attended University in Minnesota for Business Administration and as soon as I completed my degree I hightailed it to warmer weather.

I specialize in babies, bellies and families because that’s where it’s at for me! I get my inspiration from your cuddly, squishy, fresh newborn. Kiddos are just fun in general, and I think that because I’m moderately height challenged, they really tend to like me since I’m closer to their level. I’m also pretty decent at coming up with cool games, so I think that wins me some points as well.

In all seriousness though, I really really love what I do. Photography has been my full-time job for almost six years now, and I love every minute of it. Authentic smiles and big belly laughs make me giddy. Sharing in those special family moments that should be remembered forever makes my heart so happy. My hope is that from your very first interaction with me you feel comfortable, confident you will be taken care of, and at the end looking forward to our next photo-shoot together.
Still curious?

•I practice unorganized organization. You know, where things look sort of messy but you know exactly where everything is and why it’s there.

•I have to write everything down. If its in my brain, it goes on paper.
Things are easier to understand on paper.

•I had long, dark, curly hair until I moved to Austin. When the heat got to me I chopped it into a pixie, went platinum blonde and never looked back.

•I’ve been told my laugh is “funny”. (hopefully in the good way) I’d have to agree.

•My husband and I will welcomed our first child, a baby boy on November 27th, 2015. He makes my heart explode and amazes me every. single. day.

Alissa Cordoba is a full time photographer for Austin, TX and surrounding areas.
She is a proud member of Professional Photographers of America and The Gold Hope Project.

Little Dreamers has been named as one of the top Newborn Photographers in Austin for 2016 by Expertise and was nominated for an Austin Birth Award for Best Newborn Photographer in 2016.

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