meet Alissa

Hi, I’m Alissa, owner of Little Dreamers Photography. I was born in South Dakota, attended University in Minnesota for Business Administration and as soon as I completed my degree I hightailed it to warmer weather. I created Little Dreamers Photography in the summer of 2012 and have photographed hundreds of families in and around Austin. I also started a family of my own in 2015 when my husband and I were blessed with a spirited, sensitive and adorable little boy. He's 2 1/2 now, so let's just say I get toddlers. And, I get all that goes into being a parent.

I specialize in babies, bellies and families because that’s where it’s at for me! I get my inspiration from your cuddly, squishy, fresh newborn and the laughs of families rippling through the air. I can 100% say I will enjoy every single minute spent with your family, regardless of a crying newborn or strong-willed toddler. I'm in it with you and am committed to capturing your family authentically. Word on the street is that I "have the patience of a saint" and am "a baby whisperer". I can't say that I disagree.

I really really love what I do. My hope is that from your very first interaction with me you feel comfortable, confident you will be taken care of, and at the end looking forward to our next photo-shoot together.

Random Things:

- I'm left handed, my husband is left handed and so is my son. My husband and I also both have a left handed sibling. It's pretty cool.

- I had long, dark, curly hair until I moved to Austin. When the heat got to me I chopped it into a pixie, went platinum blonde and never looked back.

- I've been told my laugh is “funny”. (hopefully in the good way) I'd have to agree.

- My personal style is Scandinavian/modern, and white and grey are definitely considered legitimate colors in my book.

- I'm a listener more than a talker, and my second career choice would be a therapist. 

I’ve been featured by:

Austin Birth Awards Nominee for Best Newborn Photographer 2016

BP4U - Featured Photographer for Fresh 48


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